You know how people ask for more money than they need and then go and spend it all? You know when there is a great idea to improve things and people resist implementing it? You know when people spend more time protecting themselves than doing the work that is required?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get better synergy between commercial responsibility, continuous improvement of services and products AND create a constructive culture? A High Performance through Engagement Strategy guides people to seek out cost-effective improvement opportunities, deliver more consumer value, strengthens peoples ability to solve problems, reduces conflict, builds resilience and creates better working relationships.

HPtE delivers sustainable high performance in any organisation. It delivers this by finding synergy between the three necessary conditions of Commercial Responsibility, Consumer Value and a safe, secure and satisfying Culture. These are known as “The 3C’s”.

HPtE forms a commitment to “The 3C’s” by everyone. It begins with a formal joint ‘Declaration’ between the Executive and the Employees (including their Unions if employees are represented). It includes the development of Leadership that facilitates people to improve the work system rather than telling people what to do and how to do it. It prioritises improvement ideas for the greatest return on money and time. People learn to collaborate, innovate and engage through problem-solving. A new way of thinking and behaving evolves where the conflict that once wasted so much time and money dissolves.

The result – better working relationship, more time and more money.

My name is Karl Perry.  Our company works across the globe with clients who are seeking to become High Performance Organisations — providing strategic guidance, facilitation, culture measures, psychometric assessments, mentoring, coaching, training and occasionally speaking.