The HPtE Strategy® Framework was researched and created to introduce, explain and help implement a High Performance through Engagement initiative. It is a framework to talk about High Performance through Engagement with CEO’s, Senior Leaders, HR Teams, Union Leaders, Consultants, Practitioners and, most importantly, the people that do the work.

From this page you can access a series of blog posts that walk through the HPtE Strategy® Framework.

Sustainable high performance – It’s Not Luck (HPtE #1)

Delivering Commercial Responsibility (HPtE #2)

Improving Consumer Value (HPtE #3)

Creating Constructive Culture (HPtE #4)

The 3C’s are totally connected – isn’t it common sense? (HPtE #5)

Sustainable High Performance – The 3 must haves and problem solving (HPtE #6)

The history behind the 3C’s (HPtE #7)

Houston, we have a problem! (HPtE #8)

22 serious problems when people compete for time and money (HPtE #9)

A serious workplace problem – “Conflict” (HPtE #10)

The impact of conflict in an organisation (HPtE #11)

What to change to? (HPtE #12)

Interest-Based Problem-Solving is at the heart of High Performance through Engagement (HPtE #13)