We provide customised consulting solutions tailored to the individual needs of your organisation. We have extensive experience in working with small, medium and large organisations to help develop the direction, structure, systems, job design and leadership capability for sustainable high performance and would love to partner with you to make your success a reality.

HPtE Strategy® Sessions

An HPtE Strategy® is an organisation strategy that balances commercial responsibility, consumer value and culture to create sustainable high performance.  It deliberately creates a culture of collaboration, innovation, confidence and achievement.  This cultural change is needed more than ever in a fast changing, complex, variable and global work environment.

The key methodologies include:

  • Systems thinking (e.g. Interest-Based Problem-Solving and Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes),
  • Continuous improvement (e.g. Agile, Lean and Six-Sigma),
  • Collaborative Budgeting,
  • Culture and behavioural assessments (e.g. Organisational Culture Inventory®, Organisational Effectiveness Inventory™, Group Styles Inventory™, Leadership Impact® and Life Styles Inventory™).

An HPtE Strategy® goes beyond the traditionally separated commercially driven, continuous improvement or culture based initiatives.  Companies that pursuit an HPtE Strategy® do one thing significantly differently than other companies.  They leverage the power of collective problem solving.

An HPtE Strategy® embeds powerful systems thinking and problem solving processes into the very fabric of the organisation.  It recognises and leverages the inherent tension between satisfying the needs of shareholders, consumers and employees.  Through constant discovery organisations find new and innovative ways to deliver more commercial responsibility, more consumer value AND a safer, secure and more satisfying work environment for people.

An HPtE Strategy® seeks to find the synergy between traditional autocracy and industrial democracy to find common ground for growth.

HPtE Strategy® Programmes:

  • Discover the HPtE Strategy®
  • Explore the HPtE Strategy® Framework
  • HPtE Strategy® Leadership Training
  • HPtE Strategy® Leadership Strategy
  • HPtE Strategy® Improvement Team Training
  • HPtE Strategy® Improvement Team Problem Solving

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence goes beyond the traditional continuous improvement methods to a long-term change in organisational culture. Companies in pursuit of Operational Excellence do two things significantly different than other companies: they manage their business and operational processes systematically and invest in developing the right culture.

Group Effectiveness Training

Participants learn about group dynamics and collective decision making. The training can include the popular “Survival” exercises and the “Group Style Inventory” from Human Synergistics International.

Problem Solving Training

The heart of any high performance through engagement strategy is collective problem solving. Participants learn “Interest Based Problem Solving” enhanced with powerful thinking processes from the Theory of Constraints to accelerate their results.

Facilitation of Complex Problems

We are experts in what we teach. While you build internal capability participants get to experience the power of being an effective group while solving problems that deliver on consumer value in a commercially responsible way.

Facilitated Collective Bargaining

When you need a third party to support tricky or stalled negotiations and want to use an interest-based approach. See Interest-Based Problem-Solving.

Independent Mediation

Mediating employment problems using a form of accelerated Interest-Based Problem-Solving designed to build constructive working relationships.

Prioritisation of Improvement Initiatives

There are hundreds of potential improvements you could make. Participants use enhanced problem solving methodologies to identify the right place to focus and borrow from Lean, Agile and Theory of Constraints practices to deliver the best return on investment of effort.

Leadership Development

Nothing sticks without the right Leadership behaviour. Using a combination of systems thinking and the robustness of behavioural assessments from Human Synergistics participants create a development plan and receive coaching that accelerates personal and professional growth:

Personal Performance Programme

Leadership Performance Programme

Organisational Culture Assessment

Backed by a global leader in organisational culture assessment, we are Accredited Practitioners in the world’s most widely used tools for measuring organisational culture – The Human Synergistics International Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) and Organisational Effectiveness Inventory® (OEI).

Assessing Customer Service

The Customer Service Style™ assessment provides you with invaluable information that you can use to boost the quality of service delivered by your representatives, agents, and others who deal directly with your customers. Ultimately, it strengthens your organisation’s profitability, sustainability, and credibility in the marketplace.

A network of Agile, Lean, TOC and Design Thinking Consultants

We can’t know everything so we have developed a community of continuous improvement experts to draw from and support your journey to sustainable high performance.

Collaborative budgeting

Money is the life blood of every organisation. Traditional budgeting processes can, and usually do, cause more competition for time and money and work against sustainable high performance. We work with a chartered accountant who understands traditional accounting practices and how to safely make a transition to more collaborative practices that support sustainable high performance.