HPtE delivers sustainable high performance in any organisation. It delivers this by finding synergy between the three necessary conditions of Commercial Responsibility, Consumer Value and a Culture that is safe, secure and satisfying for everyone. These are known as “The 3C’s”.

The result – better working relationship, more time and more money.

You don’t need to embrace the whole HPtE Strategy™ to start with. In fact, we recommend you prove the concept in your organisation first. If you have a high-value ambitious problem that requires harnessing the collective intelligence of your people then that is where you should start.

Here is a quote from a TED Talk I posted recently:

“Now, we need to redefine leadership as an activity in which conditions are created in which everyone can do their most courageous thinking together.

We know that this works. When the Montreal Protocol called for the phasing out of CFCs, the chlorofluorocarbons implicated in the hole in the ozone layer, the risks were immense. CFCs were everywhere, and nobody knew if a substitute could be found. But one team that rose to the challenge adopted three key principles. The first was the head of engineering, Frank Maslen, said, there will be no stars in this team. We need everybody. Everybody has a valid perspective. Second, we work to one standard only: the best imaginable. And third, he told his boss, Geoff Tudhope, that he had to butt out, because he knew how disruptive power can be. Now, this didn’t mean Tudhope did nothing. He gave the team air cover, and he listened to ensure that they honored their principles. And it worked: Ahead of all the other companies tackling this hard problem, this group cracked it first. And to date, the Montreal Protocol is the most successful international environmental agreement ever implemented.”

Magaret Heffernan

Using these principles, structured training in group effectiveness and powerful group problem solving processes I can help your diverse groups of employees discover and implement a breakthrough solution.

Then you will be in a position to consider whether the whole HPtE Strategy™ would suit your organisation.

If you have a high value ambitious problem to solve let’s start with a chat.

Send me a message below.

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