Many organisations throughout the world have adopted a high performance through engagement approach of some kind. Each have customised it to make it their own. That is how it should be.

A high performance through engagement approach has many variations and comes with many names. It is called High Performance through Engagement (HPtE), High Performance Engagement (HPE), Workplace Productivity, SUCCESS Framework, Labour Management Partnership (LMP), High Performance High Engagement (HPHE) and Deliberately Developmental Organisations (DDO), to name just a few. Many initiatives have no names at all.

Regardless of what it is called and who is trying to deliver it the hard bit is doing it.

The HPtE Strategy® Framework was researched and created to introduce, explain and help implement a High Performance through Engagement initiative. It is a framework to talk about High Performance through Engagement with CEO’s, Senior Leaders, HR Teams, Union Leaders, Consultants, Practitioners and, most importantly, the people that do the work.

The framework helps us to see the system of work and discover the hidden opportunities within our organisations. It helps us to identify and explore the fundamental principles, mantras and ideas that will make our systems of work better for everyone.

The goal – to build better working relationships, deliver consumer value and be commercially responsible. In other words, to create organisations that deliver sustainable high performance.

My name is Karl Perry.

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