PSA Briefing to Government in 2014

“High performance / high engagement work practices:

The PSA is leading the way in working with employers to implement high performance/high engagement programmes which lead to significant productivity improvements. We know this is also a goal of government through the Better Public Services programme.

High performing workplaces:

A high performing workplace is one where our members can mobilise their knowledge to improve the efficiency and quality of services and embed positive and productive workplace relationships and practices with a view to creating sustainable services, sustainable jobs, and productive workplaces.

There is a significant body of evidence that high performing workplaces are those which have high levels of staff engagement. Unions have a unique ability to deliver the commitment of staff. This ensures programmes can achieve maximum efficiency, and lays the foundation for a better long-term working relationship.

The PSA and its members want to see public services delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible, through building a workplace culture where staff and management work together … “

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